be positive – Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was memorably - an...

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,

Keep your thoughts positive
your thoughts become your words

Keep your words positive
your words become your behaviour

Keep your behaviour positive
your behaviour become your habits

Keep your habits positive
your habits become your values

Keep your values positive
your values become your destiny

English: Signature of Mahatma Gandhi.

English: Signature of Mahatma Gandhi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– Mahatma Gandhi –



– mei –

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Johnny Depp


there are four questions of value in life

what is sacred

of what is the spirit made

what is worth living for

what is worth dying

the answer to each is the same

only love

– mei –

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the value of a friendship

on a sheet of paper you wrote a confession

on that paper you beg for my forgiveness

then I started to wept in the valley of frustration

mourn for the broken of a friendship

it’s vanished just because of the lust and ego

although my tears will not be able to pay for this disappointment

but it’s too precious to wept for the infidelity

I cried because this friendship does not meant anything to you

“Oh God, I’d rather lost my lover than my best friend!”

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