I’ll stand by you



among the bubbles of memories
I see we laugh and cry in the same tone but different loudness
quarreling one another for the same will in different intonation
took shots from different angle for a beautiful photo of compassion
our love is like the waves…. crashing the froth relentlessly 
which voiced the tenderness of affection

along with the pine trees  we were raised
grew up and sing along the passing time
fly high with the birds to reach each other’s goals
but our wings were touching and reminding with attention
our love is like the evergreen leaves….  swaying endlessly
touching each other with love and attention


to the cloud I ask to take care of you
with the wind I sent prayer for you  
and as the bigger wave and the pine stem that grow first
I promised I’ll always stand by you
like the waves keep crashing and frothy
as the pine leaves that sway endlessly



Keep the faith, love and wisdom to light your path Mira Elodia, you are a dearest sister

 with love,

 – mei –


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it is for me

This poem is a continuation of the earlier poems.
Visitors who have not read “was not for me, I suggested to read it first
before reading this one.



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was not for me

play me a song
then I will dance for you

why you are so silent
is something bothering
tell me
I might could help

tell me……
if you’re sad…., then I will make you happy
if you’re lonely …., then I will be by your side
if there is something to say…., I will be a good listener
he looked at me in doubt
said “I miss her”

o sir
tell the wind
it will blow your longing to her

I run to the edge of the sky
while tears falling heavy as rain
the longing was not for me


– mei –

a grain of sand

I want to be free like wind,
blowing everywhere as its desires

I want to flow like water,
seeping everywhere like it likes

I want as high as a mountain,
freely enjoy the beauty of scenery

but I am small and weak
like a grain of sand in the sea
easily crashing by waves

I am just a human
who should grateful of being created

the ballad of nature #2
















trip to a dream


don’t let the moon dims

since it light can bright my way me in the dark

don’t let the stars cry

since it’s tears could fade my passion

don’t let the sun smile

since it’s light could scorch my hope

but let the wind blow

then it could fly me to my dreams


– mei –