would never be enough




on your wrinkled face
marched the unending love

on your fragile bones
engraved the countless sacrifices

through your breath
blew the unceasing prayers

just for me

mom….., for you
a world-wide of thank you
would never be enough


– mei –


photo credit : American Native Graphic



running with time

standing in front of the mirror
noticing my face started to wrinkled
oh…., I am getting older
along with time
t i m e
could you stop for a while
then I could delay  
the spreading wrinkles
it won’t stop
it doesn’t care
it doesn’t understand
it just keep on running
while wrinkles keep on spreading
let’s forget the wrinkles
please just stop
although only for a moment
I need to take a breath
to put  some make-up to thinning of the wrinkles


life’s evidence

She moves  slow in the crowd
People grumbling about her
why …., what’s the matter?
she doesn’t understand
that she is the barrier

look in the mirror
trying to find wrong
nothing ….but wrinkles and gray hair
shaky hands with appearing veins

re look into the mirror
staring eyes to eyes
try to believe what she saw
but still confusing
“Grandma” a little girl approaching
She looks at her,  smiling with doubt


 again look in the mirror
she just realized, time has changed her
She takes the little girl on her lap
whispered, you are the fact of my life
The evidence of sixty-four year journey of my life


– mei _