to you and your family


word by word

from heart to heart

sentences binds us together

so that we’re never ever torn apart

on this occasion let me convey my prayer

may you and your family get nurtured with lots of love

may your hearts be filled with light, peace and faith in God

may your days of doubt be replaced with days of hope and cheer




with love, light & peace



23 thoughts on “to you and your family

  1. words softly spoken
    more than a token
    for they are in an ancient tongue
    created before the moon was hung
    it speaks through the heart
    passion of it gives off sparks
    the soul stays warm
    as it is waging against the storms
    may you Mei always whisper the words
    that is this ancient language to be heard
    for it is the gentle voice of love
    from the the strongest Divine above….
    Thank you and May you and your family have the Blessed Christmas
    and a New year that Dreams are made of…
    Take Care….You Matter…

  2. I’ve awarded you the Blog of the Year Award 2013! (Forgive me if I’ve awarded you before and you declined, it’s hard to keep track of). There’s no obligation to accept, I understand completely if you don’t. Anyway, thanks for liking posts on my blog “The Journal of Wall Grimm.” I appreciate your coming by. For details about the award, please see my post Happy Holidays and have a peaceful and prosperous New Year! Sage

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