no morning light greetings

no silver moon sweet smile

no beauty could be seen behind the tears of regret

dripping into the soul but unable to dissolve the feelings of guilt

if allowed

let me tuck the note of regret between your toes

let me gather the crumbs of forgiveness on the floor of your heart

so I could raise my head

to reply the morning light greetings

and gaze the sweet smile of silver moon




11 thoughts on “apology

  1. To live without mistakes or regrets would be to have not lived at all. We all make mistakes and all have regrets. Those are just part of life’s lessons. Sadly though, some never learn from these mistakes. The writing and the depth of emotion you brought into it was magnificent, Mei.
    Happy Holidays

  2. even when there should be no regrets within love now and then there seems to be one the
    slips within the cracks of the heart broken…
    Beautiful Mei
    Take Care…You Matter…

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