left by the train of freedom

the strains of guitar’s string sounded bland
sing the rhythm of remorse
the sense of restless urged his chest
for the suffering that he faced

powers had ever become his faith
greed had ever been his teacher
the judge’s hammer knocked him to realized
it was not the way out to get happiness
instead it must be redeemed behind bars

dreams had been forgotten
wishes had been buried
the train of freedom had been gone
left only a question which haunting
for a chance to be accepted as before

to the nature he had vomited his restless
to the world he had been frankly
to the society he must bear his shame
to his children, families ….. only he who knows
to God ….???

– mei –

To Milena, thank you so much for giving me the way out to overcome the lost
idea of writing … and this is the result.

15 thoughts on “left by the train of freedom

  1. if one has remorse…shame
    then he holds his heart open for redemption
    even if it is between him and his God…in silence
    Beautiful Meiro…..as always…
    Take care…

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