our obligation

the children
they are here…, because of us

what they say
is what they heard from us

what they do
because they see what we did
they are bound to emulate

if they are being good
because we asked them to be nice

if they are not good
because we don’t teach them correctly

we used to be …, they are now
their wills…, used to be our wills

as we ever want to be heard
they also want to be heard

they rely on us because they trust us

as we ever want attention
they needed more,  than us

its our obligation to give them the best
for their future will be better than us in every way


– mei –

15 thoughts on “our obligation

  1. Great! And to imagine that you wrote this piece since March, is so amazing! It matches my recent thoughts so perfectly! Children are sincerely amazing and we have a great role in influencing who they become. Giving the best imaginable training to the children around us, is a task worth embarking on. Thanks much for sharing this piece and for drawing my attention to it, today! 🙂

  2. Meiro,

    You have a very beautiful and touching blog. My heart has swelled this morning as I read your words and share in your feelings. We are so many miles apart, our cultures are different and yet our desires are the same. This to me is the message for all in this world. Yes we are each individuals and we are all made in the likeness of our creator. Your thoughts and feelings are a reflection of God’s as mine are as well. So we are eternal sisters. Everywhere in the world is my family. Everywhere in the world are my children. Everything I think and say must give reverence to all and everything…and with this intent in heart we have the beautiful, peaceful, joyous world we seek. For we will have no time or room for thought for discord.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beauty and spirit.

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  4. My daughters are still young. Most of the time it’s an endless stream of second-guessing myself if I’m doing right by them, a chance I never had when I was young. Don’t get me wrong, my Ina (Mother) raised as quite well for a widow, and loved us in her most subdued way. But as my Ama (Father) died when I was still a wee bit lad of 2, I really have nothing to back into as a father, merely an image of what I would like to emulate.Parenting is such sweet joy and a terrible, frightening experience, but I try to keep a level head. Soon my eldest will be a teenager and I’m bracing myself for the patience and understanding needed. I want my children to be independent and sensible, not just drones who will follow blindly to what we parents say. After all, we are raising them to pass this torch we keep vigil on.

    What a beautiful piece you wrote.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi, thank you for liking my post, ‘Am I convincing of my love?’

    Here’s some criticism you ask of. I advise you to read through your poem before publishing it for some obvious typos and grammatical errors. On the positive note, these small mistakes are charming and create a sense of authenticity in the voice of the poem. I also agree with this paternal, timeless topic of ‘obligation’ of older generations. I will surely read more of your writing!

  6. some where i think the world has forgotten
    that we can let our children be chidren, but raise
    them to be proactive ..productive adults, taking responsiblilty
    for their actions…and the reactions their actions create…
    even under the most exteeme circumstances, we need to find a way
    to allow the inner child to be nurtured into adulthood

    this is very thought provoking Meiro….


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