this world without you

I can hear you cry but cannot see you

I could feel your pain but could not touch you
I seek for you but you are hiding
silent….. in your blue shade
up on the fragility of a woman
which dragged me into dilemma

woman ……
if I could dried your tears
if I could shared your pain
then we will cry together
but you just keep quiet
and I cried alone

woman ……
your beauty is a treasures
your sincerity is soul whispers
your existence is blessings
and your miracle is being born as a woman
you are destined to human presence
where the dreams of every man leaning
where the expectations of child depending
I am amazed and soluble in a thought
how lame this world without you
your charm captivates
with a smile as arrows
tears as the shield
that hides behind the fortress of beauty

oh woman
why should you covered in blue
which I cry for


– mei –

11 thoughts on “this world without you

  1. as each thread connected from heart to another heart
    pulls, tugs at the soul when words swirl in the air and lands close by
    an incredible flow of beauty in your thoughts Mei…….
    (beautiful song, I didnot know it….)
    Thank you for giving breath to your thoughts

    Take Care..

  2. Mei ,your poem’s beauty stirs the spirit of my heart! It is so very inspiring and will lift the hearts of many sisters and brothers! It’s sincere message embraces one from your selfless heart. You are one of a kind especially with all the blessings you daily bring my sister. May your new week be blessed ever so abundantly with His love!

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