the missing smile




it has lasted long enough

moaning and sighing resignedly

like a melody …. but sounds poignant

the time almost stopped

“stay with me Ning” I said

but the death pressed his chest

unplug his suffering

and there’s a smile on his face

which been missing for nearly two years

“goodbye Ning”

might be the best … for you

and I turned away

took the pictured of your last smile

where the stories of our friendship stored


Dedicated to my best friend ‘Ning’,
who fought against throat cancer for almost two years.
Sad of losing you but also relieved that you freed of pain.
You will always be in my heart my dear…. always.


– mei –

52 thoughts on “the missing smile

  1. Hello Mei,
    Extending my sympathy and condolences to you for the loss of your dear friend. Sadness is for those left behind, but your friend has passed into a painless world where he can be whole and happy again. You will see him again when it is your time to pass into that world.
    Thinking of you in this difficult time,

  2. what a beautiful peace….you created for your friend
    I lost a friend last year to throat cancer…
    I miss his voice….and his smile…
    Sending you a whisper Mei……Take Care….You Matter…
    Blessed Be

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