John Denver

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just like a paper flowers

out of nowhere

it infiltrate and settled in my heart

somehow penetrated into my soul

mastering this heart and minds

then spreading the sense of love

created a happy feeling

like the blooming flower

greet the world with freshness


my love is just like a paper flowers

is not beautiful and fragrant as the original

will not withered by time or fall by the wind


fade away by tears


– mei –

an invitation from a grain of sand

though small as grain of sand
I am part of this world
perhaps my presence means nothing
for I have been created
and I am here among you

though small as grain of sand
I am part of this world
I could have hurt your eyes
but I have been created
and I am here among you

though small as grain of sand
I am part of this world
perhaps no one cares to my existence
but I want to do something worth
for you and all of His creation
though small as grain of sand
I am part of this world
please give me a chance
to invite you to share the goodness
and do a meaningful thing to this world

no matter what color you are
no matter what faith you believed
no matter how great you are
with love we were created
to love and beloved we were here


– mei –

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love is much more than a feeling


“It is easy to say, ‘I love you.’

But to actually love is more challenging.

When times get hard, or people behave in hurtful and disappointing ways or

they make negative choices and hurt themselves that is when our love is put to the test.

Love is much more than a feeling.

Love is action.

To love is to treat others with respect, forgiveness, patience, support, and kindness.

These are some of the actions that give real meaning to, ‘I love you.’


Regina – Romancing Soul

– mei –

we knew the answer

the dew had not yet faded
when the sun releasing its light
from the embrace of the night
the dawn smiling while humming
the hymn of welcoming a new day
flowers are greeting to one another
and the butterflies elegantly dancing
among the swaying leaves
then the wind blowing for today’s news
war in the Middle East
corruption in Indonesia
storms in China and America
hunger in Africa
sudden the beetles interrupt
do you know why it’s occurred?
here :no!
there: no!
this earth is getting older and vulnerable
it’s starting damaged
everyone asking : by whom?
by those who cannot appreciate and nurture
yes we know, but who are they?
the beetles confidently answer, humans!
all shocked
but why?
because human are greedy
so we cannot let it more severe
then saying in a broken spirit
I am worry about our next generations
all murmuring and wondering
“Oh how are the lives of our descendants later?”
they are becoming concerned
and looks really sad
then the wind blows gently
inviting us and all creations
to nurture this world
to hand in hand and singing the song below

do we have the heart knowing the next generations be suffer?
do we have the heart to let them bear all the consequences of our actions?
do we still have love for our descendants?
we knew the answer!!!


– mei –

s p e e c h l e s s !!!

calculation as a consideration

let him sleep
let him rest
then he would make no more crimes

let him sleep
let him rest
then he would forget of his sins

let him sleep quiet
let him rest forever
for no more regrets

when a fetus begins to animate
he has been listed on HIS wills
his journey started written
his sin and goodness will be carved
his repentance will be considered

HE is calculating
HE is considering
whether heaven or hell


– mei –

O ye who believe, fear Allah and let every soul pay attention to what he has done for tomorrow (hereafter),
and fear to Allah, surely Allah is Aware of what ye do.
(Al Hasyr 18)

it was time

I was here

when she planted the seeds

I was also here

when she provided fertilizer to the growing trees

I was hanging around

when she watching the flower buds begin to appear

and now I am here

picking the blooming flowers

to sprinkle on her grave

I believe she would be happy

sleeping under a sprinkling of

her last flowers

which could not be seen


– mei –

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a question to the wet pines

when I was walking among the trees
I heard the leaves talking
about your arrival
I immediately ran to welcome you

but I do not care

when I passed over the bridge
I heard the river whispering
that you had come
and actually you were not coming for me

I was not believe it

then when I was running through the meadow
they were singing a love song
for you had found a new love
and it was not me

this heart crying and the soul had torn
mixed with the pouring rain of tears
’cause you were not coming for me

in hurt
I want you to forget anything about me
and remove my name from memory
then you don’t have to be bothered to come for me

in disappointment
I want you not to  send a message or an invitation
to disclosing any reasons

it’s clear that you were not coming for me

let me be alone
let me find the answer
let me ask to the wet pines
why didn’t you came for me


– mei –

a stupidity of love

when the roses had been dropped
I should have known that your heart had divided
but I ignored

when the roses had been dropped
I should have known that you will soon gone
but I do not care

when the roses had been dropped
I should have known that you do not love me anymore
but I denied

when you were really leaving me

I should have kissed your cheek to say good-bye
but I was unable

this world was collapse

pile up this heart with pain
hoard the hope with disappointment
bury dreams into memories

I picked up the roses

I should know that the relation had been passed
but I am waiting

the roses withered in my grip

I should know that you will not be back
but I will be waiting


– mei –

is not due to the chance

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left by the train of freedom

the strains of guitar’s string sounded bland
sing the rhythm of remorse
the sense of restless urged his chest
for the suffering that he faced

powers had ever become his faith
greed had ever been his teacher
the judge’s hammer knocked him to realized
it was not the way out to get happiness
instead it must be redeemed behind bars

dreams had been forgotten
wishes had been buried
the train of freedom had been gone
left only a question which haunting
for a chance to be accepted as before

to the nature he had vomited his restless
to the world he had been frankly
to the society he must bear his shame
to his children, families ….. only he who knows
to God ….???

– mei –

To Milena, thank you so much for giving me the way out to overcome the lost
idea of writing … and this is the result.

the lost imagination

I have no ideas

my imagination is lost

mind seemed have no meaning

I hope you can understand

that I have nothing to write


you may have the same experienced

at the moment

I could only read and read

then choose the best one

to share with you

now I re-read

and crossed my fingers

hope soon

I will find my lost imagination

– mei –

from Mom and Dad

This is a copy from youtube,  and I believe most of you have seen it.
But I think it could not hurt to post it here as a reminder that our parents are
need us as we are later need our child at our old days.
We will never be able to avenged their struggle for us,  due to give birth,
raise and sacrifice with their affection.

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