before I say “Amen”




I once drank the wine of  bitter life
which slammed this soul into the aisle of emptyness
all seems so unfair
the road ahead seems endless
and sometime the dream so far away
but when I almost surrender
I stop and remember
the endless love that freely given
so that I could survive until this moment
and never forget the harsh lessons in my life
it make me stronger
before I say ‘Amen
I’ll also pray for the people
who is reading this
shall have the comfort, peace and love
I may not know their troubles
but God…., You do
give them the strength as given to me
keep them safe from worldly temptations of this winding life
and arrived safe in Your kingdom of love
Thank you God




– mei –


20 thoughts on “before I say “Amen”

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  2. Mei, your blessing is so full of the pure love that falls daily from above, and has always found a perfect resting place in your heart and spirit! May your life ahead be full of abundant moments of gifted love for you! My love to you always dear sister and friend…always! God bless!

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